Medical strategy consultation service

The medical team members are all engaged in medical supporting work, with MS/PHD and have served in domestic top three hospitals and in attending or above position.

Up to now, the medical team has completed nearly 300 protocols and 200 clinical final reports involving in 22 fields totally.

We have innovative and practicable SOP. Intervention at early of the project, and expert consultation, information retrieval, protocol writing and template are all done under regulations with great scientificity and strong normalization.

So far, we have 60 experts to provide us consultation service, and fields involved including: cardiovascular, tumour, respiration, orthopedics, incretion, urinary, blood, digestion, rheumatism and immunology, paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology and so on.


We can provide rather professional medical support meeting the market for you. 

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