Outsourcing service for clinical research

Our service covers registration, clinical trail and post-marketing clinical trail of drug and medical device. Our company has taken over nearly hundred of clinical research projects since launch, most of which are international multicenter and registration clinical trials, and we have rich experience in more than twenty fields, such as respiration, digestion, tumour, incretion, cardiovascular, skin, nutrition. Our investigators covers 100% of clinical trail institutes, distributed in more than twenty provinces and direct-controlled municipalities across China, to provide convenient and high-quality project management and monitoring service for you.

    ① Project management

    - Formulate and implement project management plan and risk management plan

    - Formulate and implement project budget control plan

    - Assist customer to complete center screening, investigator selection and patient recruit at full speed

    - Organization and convening routine investigator meeting

    ② Monitoring

    - During clinical monitoring, execute strictly SOP of customer or our company

    - Inspection of Case Report Form, original data inspection, data question form solution and other monitoring related works

    - Center screening, launch, convention and close visiting

 - Assist researchers to provide serious adverse events reports and relevant documents to customer and government supervision department

 - Storage, distribution and check of research drugs

 - Management and update of research documents 

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